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Install VPN Client Instructions

Install Certificate Instructions for Windows Vista/7

Install Certificate Instructions for Windows XP

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Instructions for Windows Vista/7

  1. Close your Internet browser (Internet Explorer, Firefox, etc)
  2. Right Click Here and choose Save Target As to download the certificate
  3. Save the certificate to your Desktop or My Documents
  4. Click Start and in the Search box type mmc to launch the Microsoft Management Console (MMC)
  5. Press Enter
  6. Click Yes if prompted
  7. In the MMC click File > Add/Remove Snap-in

  8. Select Certificates under Available snap-ins then click Add >

  9. Select Computer account then click Next

  10. Click Finish

  11. Click OK

  12. Click on the arrow next to Certificates to expand the Certificate container. After that do the same for Intermediate Certification Authority.

  13. Right click on the Certificates folder under Intermediate Certification Authority and choose All Tasks > Import...
  14. Click Next

  15. Click Browse and choose the location where you saved the certificate to from Step 2.

  16. Change the drop down next to File name to PKCS #7 Certificates (*.spc; *.p7).

  17. Select the file RapidSSL_CA_pkcs7_bundle.p7b then click Open.
  18. Click Next

  19. Click Next

  20. Click Finish

  21. All done!

  22. Close MMC
  23. Try accessing Citrix again.